What does “Maranatha” mean?

The name “Maranatha” comes from the Apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians found in the Bible. It is an Aramaic word that is only used once in the Bible meaning “O Lord, come!” or “the Lord is coming”. Using this word as the name for our local church comes from our desire to see every knee bow to the name of Jesus and every tongue confess that He is Lord. (1 Cor. 16:22, Rev. 22:20).

What kind of church is Maranatha?

We are a part of the Venture Network, formerly known as the Conservative Baptist Association. We have been in Globe since 1949. Our pastor preaches verse by verse through books of the Bible. We believe that all Scripture is useful for all Christians in all places. The music part of our worship service is a blend between traditional hymns and contemporary spiritual songs. Our main goal is for the songs we sing to be God glorifying while also edifying to the believer.

What about my kids?

Jesus told his disciples in Mark 10 and Matthew 19 to let the children come to Him, and we encourage the same. Our worship services are intended for the whole family. We have a nursery for parents to take their children if they desire. However, no parent is forced to remove their child from the service. In fact, you may frequently hear our pastor's children singing, praying, and worshipping with the rest of us. We have sermon note worksheets available for children in the lobby. Each Sunday we play a video that corresponds to our children's Sunday School lesson. We also have Sunday school for children each week and host a Bible club from August to April.

If you have any further questions email us at info@mbcglobe.org.