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Sermon Series


Stay up-to-date with the teaching and preaching at Maranatha Baptist Church!  Above is the latest sermon. 

We preach expositionally through entire books of the Bible.  Below please see the sermon series on the gospel according to Luke.

Sermon Series on the Gospels according to Luke

Sermons - Luke

Luke 1:1-25

"The Announcement of John"

Luke 1:26-38

"The Announcement of Jesus"

Luke 1:39-56

"The Song of Mary"

Luke 1:57-80
"The Song of Zechariah"

Luke 2:22-35
"Simeon: The Man Who Waited"

Luke 2:1-20
"The 'Why' of Christmas"

Luke 2:21-32
"Rooted in History"

Luke 2:33-40
"Rooted in Family"

Luke 2:41-52
"Rooted in Trust"

Luke 3:1-6

"A Catalyst of Change"

Luke 3:7-14
"A Call for Radical Change"

Luke 3:15-22
"Pointing to the Changer"

Luke 3:24-4:13
"Testing the Changer"

Luke 4:14-30
"Gone Rogue"

Luke 4:31-44
"Purposefully Rogue"

Luke 6:20-26
"Blessings & Woes"

Luke 6:27-36
"Love My Enemies?"

Luke 6:37-42
“Measure for Measure”

Luke 6:43-45
"Good Fruit, Bad Fruit"

Luke 7:11-17
"The Dead Man Speaks"

Luke 6:46-49
"What Are You Building On?"

Luke 7:18-35
"A Message for the Messenger"

Luke 7:1-10
"Just Say The Word"

Luke 7:36-50
"Words of Grace"

Luke 8:1-15
"A Disciple Will Patiently Produce"

Luke 8:16-21
"A Disciple Will Take Action"

Luke 8:22-25
"A Disciple Will Be Challenged"

Luke 8:26-39
"A Disciple Will Declare"

Luke 8:40-56
"A Disciple Will Believe"

Luke 9:1-9
"A Kingdom to Talk About"

Luke 9:10-17
"A Glipmse of the Kingdom"

Luke 9:18-22
"A King of the Kingdom"

Luke 9:28-36
"The Glory of the Kingdom"

Luke 9:51-62
"Fit for the Kingdom"

Luke 9:23-27
"Dedicated to the Kingdom"

Luke 10:1-16
"Messengers of the Kingdom"

Luke 10:17-24
"Rejoicing in the Kingdom"

Luke 10:25-37
"A Kingdom Ethic"

Luke 10:38-42
"Kingdom Priorities"

Luke 11:24-28
"Fill Me Up"

Luke 11:29-36
"Fill Me Up With Light"

Luke 11:37-44
"Fill Me Up With Love"

Luke 11:45-54
"Fill Me Up With Knowledge"

Luke 12:1-12
"Fear Not Man"

Luke 12:22-34
"Will God Take Care of Me?"

Luke 12:22-34
"Will God Take Care of Me?"

Luke 12:13-21
"Fear Not Fairness"

Luke 12:35-48
"Dressed for Action"

Luke 12:49-53
"Fear Not Division"

"Fear Not The Future"
Luke 12:54-13:9

"The Rise and Fall of Kingdoms"
Luke 13:22-35

""Prepare for the Party"
Luke 14:1-24

"The Presence of the Kingdom"
Luke 13:10-21

""Prepare for the Party"
Luke 14:25-35

"Lost and Found"
Luke 15

Luke 16:1-13

Luke 16:14-18 
The Law

Luke 16:19-31
The Chasm is Wide

Luke 17:1-4
Dealing with Offenses

Luke 17:7-19
Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude

Luke 17:11-19
"Give Thanks: Part 1"


Luke 18:1-8 "Persistent Prayer"
by Brian Morris

Luke 18:9-17
"Arrogance and Humility"

Luke 18:18-31
"The Rich Ruler"

Luke 19:1-10
"Curiosity, Call, Conversion"

Luke 19:11-27
"Which Servant Are You?"

Luke 19:28-44
"The Messiah that cried"

Luke 19:45-48
"Rebuke, Teach, Pray"

Luke 23:34
"A Word of Forgiveness"

Luke 23:39-43
"A Word of Salvation"

Advent 2022

Advent 2022


Advent 2022


Sermons - Psalms

Sermon Series about the Psalms

"When My Heart Is Overwhelmed" Psalm 61

"Wait and Trust"
Psalm 62

"Dread of the Enemy"
Psalm 64

"We Shall Be Satisfied"
Psalm 65

"The Satisfied Soul"
Psalm 63

"He Is Awesome"
Psalm 66

"Let the Nations Be Glad"
Psalm 67

"Our Powerful God"
Psalm 68

Psalm 69

"My Help and Deliverer"
Psalm 70

"Our Mighty Fortress"
Psalm 46

Sermon Summaries

Sermon Summaries

Guest Sermons

Guest Sermons
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